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"...........the first position, with all the pieces of coconut with the white part upwards, is called Alafia. In it speak Changó and Orula. It is in the affirmative, a sign of good omen"

The "Grupo Alafia" was born in the summer of 2008 as an idea by Francesco Scalvenzi and Marcello Magnani.


The group’s first goal has always been to create something extremely original and alternative for the salsa audience, taking  inspiration by Francesco’s creativity and music knowledge.

Summer of 2010 was a turning point for the italian guys: the “Mi Pachanga” show received international recognition by a standing ovation at the New York Salsa Congress the night of September 5th 2010.

Since then, Grupo Alfia has been invited to partecipate at the most renowned dance congresses in Europe and all around the world.

 The team has achieved extraordinary success, also for his funny and really effective teaching technique, and for the consecutive year it has been invited to perform in the best congress in the world.

And finally here they are!!

 Francesco, Marcello, Milko, Simone, Alessio and Daniel are waiting for you to dance all night long!!

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